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Old 08-27-2014, 05:20 AM
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Default Foxwoods Issues

I played in 2 tourneys at Foxwoods last weekend, the WSOP Ladies Event and a measley $60 daily tourney the next day. I had issues with both tournaments and before I unleash my Sicilian temper on the poker room manager, please let me know if this shiat is customary.

Ladies Event: I was the chip leader for most of the 12 hours I played. When we got down to the final table we were moved to the 'featured table' where they had cameras. Awesome, or so I thought. Guess what they no longer provided at the feature table? No clock! There was a TV right above that switched to the Patriots preseason game, which normally I would've loved but WTF. They told us that the poker room had only (4) tournament clocks and all were in use in other tourneys because the other tourneys had much more players left in it. Sooo....I couldn't at a glance know what the prizes were for each place, no clock to glance at to see when the blinds were going up...fuck nothing to even reinforce what the blinds and antes were. This was at a point where exhaustion started to set in too.

There was a piece of paper passed around that said what the prizes were for each place and the dealer himself had a small clock that he shared when asked but that's it. Additionally, I was at the final table for three hours and never once got a waitress/drink that I very much needed, though the floor was called about it more than once.

I came in third, very pissed off. I'd called a three way all in with A-Q sooted and lost about half my chips. Such a stupid donkey move but I was tired. I wouldn't mind jamming all in, but normally, I would NEVER call a three way all in with that shiat. One bad move when you're tired is all that it takes.

The blinds/antes were so big and the people at the final table were dwindling, which made the blinds come around even faster. I picked up some dead money uncontested yet when we were down to 3 players I was the short stack. I saw Q-8 sooted and shoved. Ace rag called me and gg Very Josie. I won 3K but was so steaming I could barely talk for a couple of hours. Funny, I can take a bad beat with grace but whenever I get knocked out of a tourney I get soooo angry and upset. Not at the villian, but at myself. Getting knocked out means I made the wrong move. I do feel like I (or anyone else) can win every tournament I play, so long as I make the right decisions, regardless of the cards. Now I know some people will say, "I had the odds, so it was the right move but I lost. I am not results oriented" or some shiat like that.

I disagree. Obviously, I always want the odds to be with me, but that's only one factor. Knowing your opponent is as big, if not a bigger factor, but that's another story for another day.

Now here's what pissed me off about the $60 tournament. Please tell me if this was the right ruling on now I got fucked. I played the stupid $60 tourney for only one reason. I wanted to win a buyin to the satty for the main event and didn't want to spend my winnings to do so. (mama's a cheap biatch)

It was 83 players, 12 itm, but I had to get to at least 4th to win my buyin. I was out 14th (grrr) but that's not the point of the story. (I jammed with post flop with Q-Q cuz the flop was jack high. The whore with a jack called me like she was supposed to but she hit 2 pair.

Anyway.....back at the beginning of this tourney I arrived at my table with my receipt but there's a man sitting in my seat! Play hadn't started yet, and I told the guy he was sitting in my seat. He said nope and produced his own receipt, then suggested I sit on his lap. The floor is called and then the dealer starts dealing even though I'm fucking standing there with no seat! The guy in my seat raises and the hand is in action. The poker room manager comes over and finds out the guy in my seat had a receipt from yesterday's game and doesn't not belong in my seat. The guy proceeds to win a huge pot in my seat with my cards. When this hand is over the manager tells him to take all those chips and move to the correct table. I was angry! That hand was my hand that he played. At the very least shouldn't those chips stay at our table? I know I'm not getting his chips, but shouldn't that hand be null and void? Did the manager make the correct decision?
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Old 09-05-2014, 07:47 PM
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The no clock thing is a lot of BS and, no, I haven't seen anything like that happen before. I don't play a lot of tournaments, though.

The thing with the jackbag in your seat is just bad luck. But, consider that he could have lost it all with that hand instead of winning. One hand is just variance and you shouldn't even think about the result. The dealer should not have dealt the hand if he was aware of a problem with the receipts but, seeing as how he did, the manager made the only decision he could at that point.

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