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Old 06-12-2012, 05:56 AM
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right, and i asked the dealer (i was in the hand until fifth street when he paired his door card jacks, and i mucked aces and kings) when he just checked called down a possible flush (3 flush cards showing) on sixth street i thought i might've mucked the best hand (to be fair, the player who paired jacks door card is generally a v tight player). So I specifically requested the dealer to show me the mucked hand, she refused, the player refused, apparently in foxwoods you have the OPTION to NOT show.

that is not STANDARD imo, in vegas and ac if a player in the pot request to see a called mucked hand it has to be shown. also i almost got angle-shooted at borgata one time, i have open aces and queens on board w/ a boat underneath, playing against an aggressive maniac on tilt at 20/40 stud, i check the river trying to induce a check raise since i know he would bet anything that can beat aces up. he looks at his river card and says out loud "you win", then folds his hand and makes a motion to muck. i slide my hole cards to the dealer and then he trys to claim he won the pot b/c i mucked the winning hand first.

this is why i generally make sure all showdown hands are exposed for the camera before i muck.
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Old 06-12-2012, 04:06 PM
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That rule's usually called IWTSTH, or "I Want to See That Hand" and it varies from room to room. The rule generally exists only to prevent collusion, but rooms started changing their policy because so many players abuse it, demanding to see hands where there's clearly no way collusion could have occurred. I've read of rooms where supposedly you have to specifically charge collusion and ask a floor over before the hand is shown, but I haven't actually seen that.

I've played at Parx the most in the last year. In response to most of the "I want to see that hand" requests, the dealer either flat out tells the player no or said "sorry, i already mixed them in," but I have yet to see a request made where the hand played out strangely such that collusion should be suspected. I kind of like that because it discourages people from making IWTSTH requests solely to see the other person's cards or to needle them, but in the case of real collusion there should still be a way to prevent it.
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Old 12-27-2012, 02:27 PM
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as a quick followup, i recently played stud at borgata ac w/ former wsop 7stud bracelet winner tony deangelo (hell of a nice guy too, well spoken and well dressed, maybe a bit too much bling for anywhere else in a.c aside from revel and borgata), he's a huge fan of the "show me.." rule, and called for dealers to show the hand almost 80% of the time when it's mucked regardless of whether he's in the hand or not.

i asked him about it a bit and he said that he likes to see the hand for two major reasons:

1.) to get a clue behind a guy's reasoning, ie: did he stay until the end with gutshot or called down w/ only a high pair etc..

2.) to make sure there is no collusion going on, he states that at 75/150 limits or higher (esp out west in vegas or cali) there's too much collusion and/or soft play, so by forcing them to show the hand he can weed out the tables he preferred to not play at.

anyways that was his reasoning, and tbh i have to say i like the "show me.." rule also

ps: why do everyone insinuate that i'm j7's beard/sidekick? why can't he be my beard/sidekick?
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Old 04-16-2013, 06:48 AM
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Originally Posted by GroovinMahoovinPartDeux View Post
Correction to my previous post--I stopped by Harrah's Chester today because I was in the neighborhood and 20-40 stud started around 7 or 8pm. I don't go there often but I do check their game list on, and I've never seen that before. There's a tournament series going on so perhaps that had something to do with it, but they had no other limit games larger than a 5-10 O8 game that I believe had a full kill. (Forgot to mention that one, which goes sometimes) Oddly enough they had 4-8, 3-6, and 2-4 Hold'em going. I usually don't see 4-8 on their list, so I guess they had to start that for the people who wanted something bigger than 3-6.

If you don't use it, most of the east coast casinos are on, and the lists tend to be real time unless there's an outage. You need to sign in to one of various accounts to use it, so if you don't have one just set up a gmail account or something.
Ohhh I LOVE Harrah's Chester. I live too far to go there often but have been there 3 times and found the action to be very very soft. BTW I've never heard of! Imma google it now. Thanks for the info!
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