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Originally Posted by Vookenmeister View Post
my two cents. hard to disagree with anything crapsmaster laid out. excellent post including leading with sets on draw boards with this many players and the sizing of the bets related to stacks.

I think raising over the all in is the proper play. only thing i have to add is that i would need some serious info on UTG+1 to make a decision in regards to raising over the all in with a 5bet and then folding. esp since the range would appear to weigh heavier towards A3/33 then 54 or AA. I'd also need to know if this villain is tricky enough to limp AA UTG+1 which seems unlikely or has enough to gambol to ship it over with the nut flush draw.

this starts to put me in a mind game of trying to figure out if this villain is willing to ship it all in with A3 and how often as opposed to the obvious 33. against a solid player i can see considering a fold if you can take A3 out of the range as a limp UTG+1 and know he's not willing to gamble without a math edge.

anyways, blah blah blah, it makes for a pretty sick spot if you pop it up over CO and UTG+1 reships over you. It would be akin to folding KK preflop I guess.

it almost means you need to consider sizing your 5bet small enough for a fold but that just seems insane to even consider.

thoughts or am i squeezing a sponge that's already dry?
Sick, but with a limped pot pre-flop there are so many AhXh draws and combo draws that will sometimes be played like this that you just have to view 33 as a cooler.
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