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Old 05-03-2017, 08:55 AM
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Originally Posted by GroovinMahoovinPartDeux View Post
"2/20/17 Monday (2/20/17 12:49pm) Virginia -5 -150 [48-54] CBB 3 L -4.5

YTD -18.35u"

This was released at -155 on his page so guessing this is another one like the no OT where "BLAP customers got a different line." Fezzik is either misinformed or has a square account at the Greek because the Greek does not allow buying 2 points for 40 cents; they charge 60 cents. You can verify this yourself by logging into the guest account on and trying to buy 2 points. So this is correctly a -5.1 unit loss for his BLAP charade and a -5.25 unit loss for the individual picks page.
He did this same nonsense with his Washington pick last night (which is -115 in the system log which apparently nobody noticed in the 28 hours between him releasing the play and tipoff.) He is claiming the Greek offered +7.5 -155 when in fact they offered -175. The post from Pregame customer jnws0305 in this thread verifies as much:
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